About Me

December 2010 - Jalisco, Mexico

Hello world, I am Anna Schumacher and this is my travel blog. I was raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA and as of July 2011 I will be living in New Delhi, India for one year while I begin my graduate studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

I caught the “travel bug” at a young age as every summer my parents packed my brother and me, and plenty of red licorice, into the family van and set out to explore the United States. These road trips took us to national parks in the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Longer airplane trips took us to New England, the Carolinas, California, and Oregon. It was my parents’ philosophy that my brother and I would learn the ins and outs of travel during these domestic trips, providing us the necessary skills to take on international travel when we grew up.

Since those summer road trips I have had the opportunity to travel as a pilgrim, student, tourist, and yogi to Spain, Chile & Argentina, Mexico, and Costa Rica. In March 2010 the four Schumachers spent nine incredible days in Italy where we visited Lake Como, Florence, and bella Roma.

I thank my parents for giving me the training wheels to travel, my brother for being my original and best travel companion (the Czar of Calm), and everyone who has supported me along the many roads I have traveled. Thank you to the generous Rotarians of District 5950 for providing me with the resources and opportunity to take on this year long adventure in India. Finally, thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you will follow my travels.

Pass the licorice, we’re in for an exciting ride!


  1. Dear Anna,

    I am a Rotarian at Delhi Garden City and was also at the Miramba performance yesterday!

    I enjoyed your write up and it’s style – it certainly clarified quite a few points for me.

    I will also be at the Salsa this evening and look forward to your comments on that!!

    Best wishes for an enjoyable stay in India on your Rotary Scholarship.

    Ms Geeti Bhagat

  2. Dear Anna
    You are certainly making headway everywhere you are. I was excited to read your blog and your notes about September 11th. I am happy to know that you are there and making a presence for all of us here in Minnesota.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful words.
    Awakening the Dreamer symposium partner and presence in St Paul

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