General Life Update with Pictures!

One week after last Tuesday’s low point I am in great spirits and all academic frustrations have been resolved! My course schedule is as follows:

Ecology and Sustainable Development, 9am-10am MWF

Water Resources, 10am-11am MWF

Polity & Society in India, 12:15pm-1:15pm MTW

Science & Technology Policy Analysis, 11:30am-1pm M,Th

and French I Optional, 2pm-4pm T, Th

I dropped my Environmental Economics course because it conflicted with Polity & Society and because things got very technical in the last section I attended, which is not what I am looking for this semester.  The last two classes listed do not start until August 15th, and the science policy seminar will conflict with Polity and Society, a political sociology course, on Mondays.  So my plan is to attend the first 45 mins of Science & Technology Policy Analysis on Mondays and the full seminar on Thursdays.  However, there is a chance that the course participants and professors will decide to hold class earlier in the day, in which case I won’t be able to attend at all on Monday.  We shall see!

The great thing about this schedule is that my first two classes on MWF are with the same group of students, the third semester cohort of the M.Sc. in Environmental Science.  So I’m getting to know a great group of Indian students.  We are learning about ecosystems and the Millennium Development Goals in our first class, and the hydrological cycle and use of water resources in the second.  The professor of the second thinks it would be great if I do my term paper on the water resources of the Mississippi River.  I look forward to presenting on the Mighty Mississippi to my Indian classmates!  Polity and Society is a course on the interaction of government, power, and society in India.  It is fascinating and the professor, a good friend of my professor Manju Parikh at CSB, invites more discussion than in my other courses which I really appreciate.  There are about eight international students in the course so the professor often calls on us to expound upon examples of Western political culture and forms governance.  The Indian higher educational system is structured around lecture courses mostly, and grading is based on a mid-term exam, final exam, and term paper.  Some classes have smaller assignments or quizzes as well.  I miss the highly interactive environment of my liberal arts upbringing.  Yay, liberal arts!

With furniture shopping complete and the arrangement of my course schedule out of the way I am feeling much more comfortable and happy.  I have energy to think about how I want to focus this year and the possibility of developing a project in the community through Rotary.  Daniel and I have met a few times to discuss how we are settling into Delhi life, and what we hope to do as Ambassadorial Scholars.  I am, as always, extremely happy to have his company in this journey.  Tonight I will start Hindi class, which will take place once a week.  I am very conscious not to overburden myself or spread myself too thin.  Right now I feel like I have achieved a great balance of academics, cultural, and social activities.  I have time to read the newspaper each day and am working through Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

Thank you all for your continued comments and support, I love reading them every day 🙂  And finally, here are some pictures of our apartment and campus.  Thanks to Lena for sharing them!

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  1. I love your pictures!

  2. I can’t wait to see this in person!

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