An Easy Adjustment

Today has been another successful day on campus.  When I arrived around 10:30am I found my way to the School of International Studies (SIS) where I will take M.A. classes this year.  I was able to view course lists for the Centre of Intl. Trade and Development and Economic Development and Planning.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Manju Parikh, one of my professors at CSB, for referring me to three of her colleagues and friends who teach at JNU.  I located the air-conditioned office of  Dr. Anurhada Chenoy and soaked in the welcome cool and her wise counsel.

Since I hope to pursue a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy when I return to the States Dr. Chenoy made me aware of the Centre for the Study of Science Policy which seems to fit perfectly with my area of interest.  She gave me the same advice that many others had at home: Focus.  Dr. Chenoy was also very helpful in recommending which professors are most well known in their field.  M.A. students take at least four courses per semester.  I will do more research this evening, but it looks like my course line up will include:

  1. Environmental Economics
  2. Comparative Politics
  3. Structure and Growth of Indian Economy
  4. Science and Technology Policy Analysis

I felt right at home sitting in Dr. Chenoy’s office, our chat was reminiscent of many a visit to my incredible advisers at CSB|SJU.  I am very excited to get back to school!  Classes will begin the first week of August.  I am enrolled as a casual student, which means I won’t earn a degree, but Dr. Chenoy assured me that if I am formal in my studies – meaning I attend all lectures, complete the coursework, and sit the exams – I will receive an academic credential from the Centre at the end of the year.

On the way back to Admin. to complete registration I met up with Lesly and Lena.  The 3 of us are going to look for a flat together – they are fabulous, I am very glad to find such great roomies so soon!  We spent the late morning and afternoon walking around campus between buildings, securing numerous stamps, signatures, copies, and submitted forms to various offices.  After I completed the following steps (continued from previous post), I was officially registered as a student at JNU!  5. Submit copy of receipt of student fees to Admin. so they can sign your folios. 6.  Get signature of Dean of Students on all your folios BEFORE you 7. Get the signature & stamp of the Dean/Admin. Officer at your School (this is when I received my official ID card, but the process works differently at each school), and finally 8.  Take the signed and stamped folios, submit appropriate copies to: Dean of Students, Your School & Centre, and Admin.  Then you’re official!

We had lunch at one of the campus cafes.  My host gave me the good advice to stop eating while I am still hungry, as my system is still adjusting to the local food.  This is not too hard to do in such heat as it is.  The best thing for a hot and humid day like today is a lassi – a delicious and refreshing yogurt drink ordered sweet or salty.

Below is a picture of me on campus today.  The JNU campus is large, full of greenery, crossed by walking paths, and shaded by promenades near the building entrances.  Walking around I most often feel like I am in the tropical zone of the Minnesota Zoo.  Even with such heat and sun the campus is lovely, so I can only imagine how marvelous it will be as the weather gets cooler in upcoming months.

I cannot overemphasize my gratitude to the Rotary Foundation for making this all possible.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime and so far I am having the time of my life.  Thank you!

Oh, and on a final note, my lost luggage has been found!  I will go pick it up from the airport this evening.  Hoorah!  Lastly, a birthday shout out to my dear Tori Stein – I had fun calling you early this morning when it was still the 19th in MN.  Your birthday has been a great day in India!  (Also happy bday to Garrio & Molly Zim. what a good day to be born!)


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  1. You look sooo good Anna; fitting right in!

  2. Another great pic. I am really excited to see more pics!

  3. Lovely Anna…. I wanted to let you know that I, too, am along for the ride of your lifetime!!! You have the most amazing way of sharing your experiences so for the next year I will be with you — sharing your words. Be safe, be smart and know that you are loved by many…

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